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KS97 (55 kW)

KS (Fixed Speed) Screw Compressors

ENDURO® PLUS Screw Airend

Gardner Denver pay the utmost attention to the production of our air ends, testing and monitoring every single piece we manufacture. The rotors, which are the heart of all the ENDURO® air ends, are carefully and thoroughly checked and measured by a computerised control system.

AirSmart™ Control Unit – How to control your compressed air plant

All the compressor settings are adjusted by means of the AirSmartTM electronic control unit which allows adjustment of the operation parameters of the compressor. The control unit has a 4-line display with menu and touch buttons for ease of use. Two lines provide information such as pressure, temperature and operation hours, etc. while the other two lines show warning messages in case of breakdown, messages regarding suggested spare parts and information about the nearest technical service office. The following variables have been set within the control unit:

  • Reference pressure, operation pressures
  • Service intervals
  • Programmable I/O
  • Operation parameters
  • Alarm and stop limits

Easy to install

Pallet structure for safe, easy handling with no anchoring needed. Electrical connections are via a terminal block inside the electric panel that is extremely easy to reach. An opening for the cooling circuit is provided on the cover of the housing to facilitate the natural flow of hot air and reduce the overall size of the cooling lines.

Low maintenance costs

The panel structure provides easy access from all sides. All the components which need periodic maintenance – air cartridge, oil cartridge, air/oil separator, belts, oil fill and drain – can be reached from a single side.

Belt transmission with automatic tensioning system

Equipped with POLY-V belt with automatic tensioning system, high flexibility, minimum diameter,
suitable for high speed and providing 20,000 working hours noiseless and maintenance-free.


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